How it Works

1. The app has 17 tabs which cater to all of the 17 major human needs.
•Animals, Business, Creativity, Entertainment, Finance, Fitness, Food, Health, Home, Learning, Passions, Religion, Science, Shopping, Social, Sports, & Travel

2. Each need has multiple sub-needs
•Your need for entertainment: library, videos, etc.
•Your need for travel: booking, maps, etc.
Your need for creativity: artboards, notes, etc.

3. Unlimited meaningful moments can be created.

Each sub-need has content variety & fresh content every single day.

Saucy (subscription) vs the Web (free)

Focused on fulfilling visitors' needs through unlimited meaningful moments
• The normal web is focused on fulfilling website owners' needs through info & algorithms *Source

Proven to increase your overall happiness daily
• The normal web increases depression and anxiety the more you use it *Source

Can be used to fuel & help any real life situation

• The normal web is used as a distraction from reality and complicates our true values *Source

Ad-free experience
• The normal web is full of intrusive, annoying ads *Source

Designed to increase productivity so you can focus on what really matters

• The normal web is all about mindlessly browsing & procrastination *Source

Why You Should Join Now

1. Helps you feel pleasure and avoid pain.
The app is designed to deliver unlimited meaningful moments to you. It's one of those luxuries you can pull right out of your pocket whenever you need it. And given how much you can do with it, you will most likely need it every day.

2. Big Money-Saver
​Cable is $100/month and it only fulfills 1/6 of your entertainment needs. Entertainment is 1/17 of your total needs. At Saucy, you pay what you want to have all your needs fulfilled, whether that's $0, $10, $100, etc.

3. Amazingly Innovative
Diversity is where Saucy started, to have a life that flows like sauce. We are a highly innovative company that believes in creating a more united world. We listen to our customers & make Saucy the best place possible.

​*All music above represents diversity, and is an example of Saucy's amazing vision to change the world and history forever. 
Saucy is an ongoing project.